Monday, April 14, 2014

Restful rest areas

Hegy rest area

When you’re traveling, rest areas are important stops on your travel routes. On our journey from Kennewick, Washington, to Yuma, Arizona, two particularly stood out for me.

The first was Hegy rest area in coastal northern California. It’s a small rest area in Highway 101 set among the forests, with a nature trail leading through the trees to overlook the Pacific Ocean.
A very restful, pretty place, it is named after William Z. Hegy, a Canadian who migrated to Eureka, California, where he was a highway engineer with the state. A stretch of highway between Trinidad and Patrick’s Point also is named in his honor.

Nevada rest area
The second rest area that impressed me was located on Highway 95 in Nevada, not too many miles from the border with California.
The architecture is just not what one has come to expect in a rest area. Also unexpected was the metal art that decorated the doors to the rest rooms.

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