Monday, January 26, 2015

Tucson Mountain Park offers optimum scenery, trails

Tucson Mountain Park
If you’re looking for hiking and mountain biking trails that are close to Tucson look no farther than Tucson Mountain Park. The park is located in southwest Tucson, Arizona,  along a narrow, steep curvy road with many hairpin turns.

If you’ve ever been to Old Tucson, the Arizona Sonora DesertMuseum or Saguaro National Park West, you’ve driven through the 20,000-acre Tucson Mountain Park. There are many turnouts along Gates Pass Road where you can stop to admire the view or take off on a trail.  The trails are rated by difficulty, and range from trails for families with kids, such as those across from Old Tucson, to trails for advanced athletes, such as Brown Mountain.

Pullout at Tucson Mountain Park
All those curves on the road winding through the mountains also make this a popular ride for motorcyclists.

The park offers some of the most scenic views around Tucson, and is open all year-round.  RV and tent campgrounds are available. The scenic route through the park is accessible from Interstate 10. Just take the Speedway Boulevard exit and head south. Speedway turns into Gates Pass Road a few miles down the road.

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