Thursday, May 12, 2016

American Flag Ranch: mine, post office, cattle ranch, museum

American Flag Ranch
territorial post office
The American Flag Ranch has a rich, varied history.  Located on a quiet road a few miles outside of Oracle, Arizona, it was founded in 1877 as the American Flag Mine.

The mine attracted hundreds of miners, not just to work at it, but alsothose who wanted to get rich with their own mines. This list included Buffalo Bill Cody who had a mine a couple of miles away at Campo Bonito.

A post office was established in 1880, back when Arizona was still a territory, Named the American Flag Post Office, it was located in a ranch building that is now the oldest territorial post office still standing in Arizona. The building was named to the National Register of Historical Buildings in 1979.

The mine eventually closed, and its founder, Isaac Lorraine, turned his property into a cattle ranch.

Owned today by the Oracle Historical Society, the ranch is now a museum. A key component is a central room filled with postal memorabilia, old photos and an exhibit on Oracle’s most famous miner, the Wild West showman, Buffalo Bill Cody.

The American Flag Ranch is open by appointment only. Call the Oracle Historical Society, (520) 896-9609 to make arrangements and get directions.


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